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We just love ice cream!

Welcome to Blue Ice Creamery!

I Scream,
You Scream,
We All Scream
for Super Premium REAL Ice Cream


"Samples are free, regret is forever."


Blue Ice Creamery is the ONLY place on the RIVERBEND
and in the Madison County area offering REAL ICE CREAM.


We are your go-to ICE CREAMERY specializing in super-premium, small batch, hard-serve, hand-scooped, ICE CREAM which is all made in-house by our Ice Cream Chef & Owner. 


We are a Veteran led, locally owned, small business.  We’d love for you to come in with your family/friends for the nostalgic experience we offer.

”Try it before you buy it!!”

Wednesday thru Thursday
11 AM - 9 PM
Friday - Satiurday
11 AM - 10 PM
     **Closed on Sunday**

Monday - Tuesday

Appointment only - email us at


Ask Us About:

~$6.50 Meal Deals

~Gift Certificates

~Space Available for Parties
~Bulk Ice Cream Ordering

Here are a few things you should know about our product...

--We make all of our ice cream in house. 
-- We use premium products and have a variety of frozen treats from which to choose. 
-- We are brand new small business owners hoping for your honest feedback to help us grow into your favorite establishment for dessert.
-- Our ice cream is hard-serve, so it takes a little bit longer to make your tasty treats... we appreciate your patience!  
-- Also because of the hard-serve, hand-scooped nature, we have chosen to price by the scoop, all details are under our ice cream tab. 
--Having a birthday party or another special occasion?
Ask us about having your event at our ice cream  parlor! 
-- Last, but certainly not least, we love being here and love serving you!  

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